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8 Reasons Why Your Website Needs To Talk

Website Needs To Talk

Websites have become a norm for pretty much all businesses at this point, especially since COVID-19 hit.

It has been added to the list of bare necessities that a business should have. And what exactly are those necessities? A plan, of course, a logo, finance, and now a website.

Do you think that is enough for your business to start with? Even for the old ones, do you want to come last in the race with your competitors? That’s what I thought. Now that we are on the same page, maybe we should discuss why you need a website, but not just ‘any’ website. Your website should talk through you! It should be impressive and should speak what it stands for.

Why Your Website

Here are 8 reasons why your website needs to talk:

1. Consumers spend a majority of their time online

If you have a website that does not really say much, then it is of no use to consumers. It is the online age. Everyone would like to be glued to their screens rather than literally anything else. And this is exactly why you need to upgrade your website.

When people want a product or service, they usually rely on the internet to find it for them. Around half of all consumers shop more online than in-shop. Their instinct is to turn to Google when they are in search of a new product, service, or business. In other words, people are looking for an online business. Therefore, your online presence is what is going to capture them and you need to have your website talk accordingly. If this happens, then mere visitors to your site are going to turn into customers, and will also draw a path for more visitors.So, how do we get the visitors in the first place?

One of the answers is SEO (search engine optimization). We’re not going to dive into the whole SEO topic, since it is quite complex. But let’s break it down to two aspects; relevance and authority. It shows Google that your website is relevant by using keywords that are used by your target market. Secondly, it shows Google that your site is legit and reputable through site security and site speed, as well as having some good external links to your own website and other legit sites.



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