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How survey research can aid in your marketing plan?

How survey research can aid in your marketing plan? 

Are you contemplating the connection between research and marketing plans? Have you invested significant resources in your marketing plan? Do you aspire for a guaranteed 100% success rate? All of this can be achievable through the utilization of marketing research. This article delves into how survey research can assist in enhancing your marketing plan.

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What is a marketing research survey?

A marketing research survey comprises a questionnaire designed to familiarize you with your audience. These questions evaluate your audience’s preferences and provide insights into your competitors. The information gathered through this survey subsequently informs the creation of your marketing plan.

There are 2 kinds of Marketing research: 

Primary Market research 

Secondary market research 

Primary Market Research

Primary market research involves the collection of data that has not been previously gathered. This type of research encompasses surveys, questionnaires, interviews, and similar methods. All these approaches facilitate the direct collection of feedback from the audience.


Secondary market research involves utilizing pre-collected data. This data can be sourced from media, the internet, newspapers, and similar channels. These sources facilitate the continuation of your research and present optimal avenues to gain insights into your targeted audience or competitors. Data obtained from previously conducted surveys is cost-effective and provides a wealth of marketing-relevant information.

Marketing research surveys can have several benefits for you. Some of them are: 

Every business organization considers customers as valuable assets. The objective is to develop a product that resonates with the audience’s preferences. A marketing survey plays a pivotal role in enhancing your understanding of these preferences, aiding in the refinement of your product.

For instance, if you operate a clothing brand aimed at the elite class, your survey would provide insights into the apparel choices favored by the elite demographic. It is crucial to maintain simplicity and elegance in your approach. This methodology guides the precise determination of customer satisfaction criteria.

Marketing research surveys are tasked with providing comprehensive insights into your designated audience, facilitating an analysis of your business’s current position and identifying areas for enhancement.

When conducting a marketing survey, distinct individuals within your audience who share common behaviors become apparent. This enables the segmentation of your audience based on demographics, geography, hobbies, and interests.

Once people’s needs and desires are segmented, the creation of a diverse range of products tailored to each segment becomes possible. Subsequently, an enhanced customer experience can be provided.

For instance, if you possess a skincare brand, you can effortlessly develop products suited for individuals with dry, normal, or oily skin, as well as for babies and teenagers. This approach guides your marketing strategy along the correct path, enabling targeted advertisements for the respective audiences.


3. You’ll stay ahead of your competitors

Your competitors are the ones who keep you on your toes. You want to lead and be a step ahead of your competitors. Marketing research surveys will help you analyze what your audience thinks of your brand and your competitors. 

You should always try to add questions regarding the competitors and your business that will aid in developing the right qualities for your products and services. You will have a better view of what your targeted audience likes and dislikes. 

The better you know your audience, the better the chances of creating a successful marketing plan. The marketing plan is all about hitting the right places at the right time. 

4. You can measure your brand awareness

Brand awareness constitutes a critical aspect of every business, depicting the level of familiarity your audience possesses regarding your brand. Creating brand awareness stands as an indispensable task, forming the core of marketing endeavors.

Conducting marketing surveys and research unveils the perception of your brand within the intended audience. This process offers insights into the extent to which customers are acquainted with your brand. In instances where brand familiarity falls short, an elevation in efforts becomes imperative. Your marketing strategy should be devised to foster the establishment of brand awareness.

This era is all about marketing. The persona of marketing has completely evolved where brands do what their customers are willing to. Have you ever thought why some brands get all the love and the targeted audience continues to buy from them even if the products are pricey? This is because they do what their customers want. 

You can carry out market research by testing the products on people or interacting with people. This will give an insight view for you to see how things and words are attracting your targeted audience. Surveys will help you test your brand and position it in the right place. 

Crafting a marketing survey presents a challenge. Careful consideration of word choice and question formulation is essential. The effectiveness of a marketing research survey’s development directly influences the response from your audience.

1. Give your survey a purpose

At times, businesses commit the error of formulating numerous generalized questions that lack a specific objective. Consequently, both the audience’s attention towards the answers and the business’s acquisition of pertinent information are compromised.

Assigning a distinct purpose to your survey is imperative. Determine in advance whether the survey is aimed at enhancing brand awareness, establishing brand recognition, or fostering product development. This proactive approach will yield superior and more targeted outcomes.

2. Make your surveys creative and offer cautious incentives

If you send your audience the surveys just like that, they may feel reluctant to fill them up. You must do something creative to attract people to fill them up.

 Moreover, offer incentives like offering a phone credit to the person who fills up the questionnaire. This will help you gather data easily, and the creativity would bring people to take the survey. However, you must be cautious that the incentives are not too much and that the real reason to take the survey is lost. This may lead to incorrect answers just to receive the incentive. 

3. Keep it short

A lengthy survey containing numerous questions can become tiresome and uninteresting. Strive to maintain brevity and simplicity to encourage active participation in the survey. Excessive length in a survey can lead to a loss of interest for the respondent.

A concise survey will captivate your audience, ensuring their engagement and yielding more focused results.


In conclusion, conducting market research surveys holds significant importance prior to formulating a marketing plan. The aim should always be to generate products and services favored by your audience. A content and satisfied customer base contribute to a thriving business. Excel in marketing strategies through an exceptional marketing plan, supported by the insights garnered from market research surveys.



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